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WOLFBOX I07 2.5K/1080P 3 Channel Dash camera/Taxi camera

WOLFBOX I07 2.5K/1080P 3 Channel Dash camera/Taxi camera

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Introducing the i07 3-Channel 2.5K/1080P Dashboard Recorder with Built-in GPS and WiFi from Wolfbox. This advanced car camera system is designed to provide you with a reliable and comprehensive recording solution for your journeys on the road.

Featuring three high-definition cameras, the i07 captures footage in stunning 2.5K resolution for the front camera and 1080P resolution for the rear and interior cameras. This ensures crystal-clear video quality, allowing you to capture every detail of your surroundings, both inside and outside the vehicle.

Equipped with built-in GPS technology, the i07 accurately tracks and records your driving route, speed, and location data. This information can be invaluable in case of accidents or disputes, providing you with concrete evidence to support your claims.

Thanks to its WiFi connectivity, the i07 allows you to easily transfer and view your recorded footage on your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the dedicated app and connect to the camera's WiFi network to access your videos and make adjustments to the camera settings conveniently.

With its loop recording feature, the i07 ensures that you never miss a moment. When the memory card is full, the camera automatically overwrites the oldest footage, ensuring continuous recording without the need for manual intervention.

The i07 also includes a G-sensor, which detects sudden movements or impacts and automatically locks the recorded video to prevent it from being overwritten. This ensures that important footage is protected and preserved, providing you with peace of mind.

Designed for easy installation and operation, the i07 comes with a suction cup mount that securely attaches to your windshield. The adjustable camera angles allow you to find the perfect position for optimal recording.

Stay safe on the road and have a reliable eyewitness with the i07 3-Channel 2.5K/1080P Dashboard Recorder with Built-in GPS and WiFi from Wolfbox. Capture the unexpected, protect yourself, and have solid evidence on your side.

Installation Service

Our team of expert installers will professionally integrate your dashcam within your car's electrical system. They will come to your preferred location and at a time that suits you. We offer this service across most of the UK and Northern Ireland.

With our installation, you can say goodbye to messy wires and cluttered displays and hello to a hardwired dash camera. For more information, please refer to our installation terms and conditions. Prices start from £99 inc VAT.

Once you’ve purchased your dash camera and you require installation Please click the ‘Book in your installation’ at the top of our website and one of our bookings team will deal with the installation process for you.

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